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Cheat Sheets > Conversation  
CONVERSATION - "How to Chat it Up" Download
Wouldn’t you love to be able to carry on conversations in Spanish ...

Bus - Guatemala

- with the ladies you meet in the markets,
- with the fishermen in the anchorages,
- with any Spanish-speaking person you meet in harbor or ashore?
  "How to Chat it Up" Download
  Create a "spiel"

"How to Chat it Up" Download

Click to view first page of Cheat Sheet \"How to Chat it Up\"

(PDF file - 84 K)


Here is a handy trick to help you develop the ability to chat it up: Create a "spiel"!

Use the phrases shown on this Cheat Sheet to develop your own canned SPIEL – a set of stock phrases that you say to people you would like to converse with.





Create a "spiel"

Write your “spiel” out on a card and carry it with you until you know it by heart.

When you see someone you would like to talk to, say your spiel to them (you can even read the parts you forget). Yes, it’s contrived. But most people are so glad to have the opportunity to be able to carry on any sort of conversation with you that they won’t care.

When you exhaust your vocabulary and ability to understand, tell them that you were pleased to meet them and say goodbye for now.

Over time, you will be able to speak your spiel more naturally. Add more phrases to your spiel, and your ability to converse grows.


Here are some phrases you might include in your "spiel":
Spanish: English:
Buenos días. ¿Cómo está? Good morning. How are you?
Me llamo Susana. My name is Susan.
Soy de los Estados Unidos. I am from the United States.
Este es mi esposo Juan. This is my husband John.
La República Dominicana ... es bella. The Dominican Republic ... is beautiful.
... ...

Download the "How to Chat it Up" Cheat Sheet to see more phrases and their pronunciation:
(PDF file - 84 K)

Market lady - Dominican Republic


Cheat Sheets > Conversation