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Cheat Sheets > Thinking Metric  

THINKING METRIC - Spanish Metric Conversions Download

Many of us are “metrically-challenged” and struggle with making sense of liters of diesel, bolts measured in millimeters, and water depths given in meters.

Here is some help - a downloadable Cheat Sheet that gives you all the key metric conversions a boater needs + the Spanish words (and pronunciation) for units and measurements.

Metric Conversions
Cheat Sheet

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(PDF file - 853 K)


Download and take this Cheat Sheet with you when you need to give your boat’s dimensions in Spanish to the marina, boatyard, or customs officials.

Keep it handy when you go to the doctor in a Spanish-speaking country and need to describe your fever in centigrade. And of course it’s handy for all sorts of shopping, whether you’re buying food, hardware, pipe, chain, fabric or fuel.

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Cheat Sheets > Thinking Metric