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Reviews > Nautical Press
Reviews in the Nautical Press

Here is what nautical magazines and marine newspapers are writing about SPANISH FOR CRUISERS (excerpts)...

Reviews of SPANISH FOR CRUISERS - 2nd edition

Practical Sailor - January 2010

Winter Reading List:

"The second edition of Kathy Parson’s SPANISH FOR CRUISERS includes 10 new topics requested by readers of the first edition. It covers language and vocabulary helpful when cruising the Spanishspeaking countries of the Caribbean, the Americas, and Europe.

The book lays out practical phrases of particular use for sailors and offers instructions on how to address Spanish-speaking port captains, officials, dock attendants, marina and boatyard staff, mechanics, fishermen, and divers. It provides a Spanish-language guide to provisioning, shopping, dining, medical care, banking, phone, and the Internet. "

Cruising World - July 2009

"Kathy Parsons' gem of a book should be aboard any boat cruising along the shores of Spanish-speaking countries.

...Parsons provides the essential vocabulary that only a cruiser could love words like 'rotor windings' and 'cutlass bearing', 'dipstick' and 'hose clamp' and that never manage to find their way into bilingual dictionaries.

When only the right word will do, this book presents it to you like a gift."

Beth A. Leonard

Yachting World - March 2009

“This is an indispensable book if you are planning to negotiate the boatyards, chandleries or supermarkets of Spain, Mexico, Chile or any other Spanish-speaking country. A thorough 368 pages, it is sensibly laid out in landscape format and ring-bound for easy reference, and split helpfully into sections such as weather, harbour and boatyard, travel, banking, provisioning, boat parts, etc.

There’s even a short section with handy phrases such as ‘Sit down’, ‘Give me a kiss’, and ‘I love you’ should your foreign forays be particularly successful."

Jimmy Cornell's - November 2008

"The new edition of this extremely useful guide has a host of new features that will make life even easier for sailors visiting Spanish speaking countries.

Besides a general expansion of every subject covered, the new edition includes essential phrases, expressions and tips to help sailors who wish to understand and enjoy more of the local culture.

... the author has considerably widened its scope by dealing with every single situation which may confront a sailor visiting a Spanish speaking country."

Jimmy Cornell, author of the best-selling books "World Cruising Handbook" and "World Cruising Routes" - on News - May 2009

“SPANISH FOR CRUISERS - a must-have for roving yachties

As a very large section of the world's favourite cruising grounds are Spanish speaking, having a little book that translates the TECHNICAL terms for cruising is sure to be a winner. From Spain to the Canary Islands , across the entire Caribbean , and much of northern South America - even across as far as Galapagos, the language of choice is often Spanish, with English sometimes running a poor second.

So whether you are just going bare-boat chartering for a couple of weeks, or preparing for that cruise of a lifetime, the book will be handy in your cruising library."

Capt. Pat Rains/Sail-World Cruising

The Triton - “Nautical News for Captains and Crews” - December 2008

“Must-have for travels to Spanish ports

This second edition has been greatly expanded and covers all the vocabulary necessary to cruise the Spanish-speaking countries of the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe.

It provides yacht crew as well as cruisers and marine interests with the practical, specialized phrases needed to communicate with port captains, dock attendants, marina and boatyard staff, mechanics, technicians, rescuers, fishermen and divers.

... She shows how to describe anything ("I'm anchored near the breakwater."), to give orders ("Cleat it, quick!") and to ask questions ("Can I clear out in Salinas?"), and includes tips and tools for understanding the answers ("The hardware store is two blocks east."). ."

Ellen Sanpere

‘Lectronic Latitude - December 2008

"Foremost in the ‘why didn’t we think of this’ category is Kathy Parsons’ SPANISH FOR CRUISERS (Aventuras Publishing, $31.95).

Organized into color-coded sections on "Cruising" (navigation, emergencies, harbor communications, etc.), "Ashore" (shopping, banking, directions, etc.) and "Technical" (tools, engines, repairs), she lays out words, phrases and sentences applicable to virtually any situation you might find yourself in when cruising a Spanish-speaking country.

This is the second edition of this nifty book, substantially expanded with 10 new categories requested by cruisers."

"Caribbean Compass" logo

Caribbean Compass - March 2009

“ Speak Spanish — Like a Cruiser!

Are you headed by boat to Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, the Rio Dulce, Isla Mujeres, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico or Miami? Unless Spanish is your native language, don’t set sail without this book.

It delivers exactly what it promises: SPANISH FOR CRUISERS.”

The Log - “California’s Boating and Fishing News” - April 2009

“ SPANISH FOR CRUISERS Expands with Second Edition

If you liked the first edition of Kathy Parsons' SPANISH FOR CRUISERS book, you'll love her newly expanded and improved second edition. The book is divided into four sections: basic, cruising, ashore and technical. I like that about 120 pages are devoted to the technical stuff of cruising that's difficult to find elsewhere.”

Reviews of SPANISH FOR CRUISERS - 1st edition

"All At Sea" logo

All At Sea

"SPANISH FOR CRUISERS provides all the essential boating, hardware and mechanical vocabulary that is impossible to find in any other single source.

The format is well laid out with many diagrams, a complete index, and an extended back reference cover that can be used as a bookmark and a soft plastic spiral binding which allows the book to lay flat."

"Caribbean Compass" logo
"Caribbean Compass": Gracias Kathy!

Caribbean Compass

"SPANISH FOR CRUISERS is already one of the most talked-about books in Caribbean cruising circles.

Author and cruiser Kathy Parsons has identified a niche, and her SPANISH FOR CRUISERS fills it admirably ... If you plan to cruise the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, or Mexico, do yourself an enormous favor -- buy this book!"

Ocean Cruising Club logo

Flying Fish, Bi-annual newsletter of the Ocean Cruising Club

“Despite the prevalence of English world-wide, there are times and places where the correct word in the local language will lead to the right part, prevent a misunderstanding with Customs, assist in a rescue, locate a doctor or save the boat.

... Parsons' books include vocabulary which only a cruiser could love - words like "rotor windings" and "cutlass bearing", "dipstick" and "hose clamp". These words are indispensable for those of us who live on boats, but they are not found in most bilingual dictionaries.

For cruisers who have not had any instruction in Spanish, she also provides all the necessary phrases to get a beginner started, with phonetic spellings which really do allow you to come out with something a Spanish speaker understands.

If all else fails, the book itself serves to communicate. Parsons provide diagrams for everything from the ignition system to plumbing with the English and Spanish word for each part listed beneath. Simply pointing at what we need almost always does the trick.

...When only the right word will do, these books present them to you like a gift."

"Good Old Boat " cover - Sept-Oct 2000

Good Old Boat

"If you're planning to sail to Spanish-speaking countries in South America and the Caribbean, there is a new book out by author and cruiser Kathy Parsons that will make the boat maintenance part of your cruise much less frustrating."

"Latitudes and Attitudes" logo

Latitudes and Attitudes

"For any boater who plans to sail into a Spanish-speaking country, this book is a must."

"Latitude 38" logo

Latitude 38

"With the beautifully done book, you'll have all the vocabulary you need for marine and general hardware, diesel and gas engines, refrigeration, pumps, sails and canvas, electronics, and everything else you can imagine ... She knows her stuff!"

"Practical Boat Owner Magazine" logo

Practical Boat Owner Magazine

"No cruiser should go blue water cruising without it.

... The beauty of this layout is that you and your mechanic, electrician, or whoever, can use the book together without frantically searching the dictionary. I believe it to be the 'user-friendliest’ phrase book I’ve ever seen. Actually it's more than that, it's a mini-Spanish course in itself with each word in English, then Spanish, followed by the pronunciation.

One section includes basic daily conversation to help you shop and check prices and is teamed with Kathy's tips to help jump-start' your Spanish. ”

Ley Liberson

"Sailing Magazine" logo

Sailing Magazine

"Quick, what's the Spanish phrase for vacuum pump? Why bomba de vacio, of course.

The language barrier can be one of the most intimidating aspects of cruising abroad. But Kathy Parsons' new primer, SPANISH FOR CRUISERS: Boat Repairs and Maintenance Phrase Book will take out some of that uncertainty at just the time when you need it most, when something goes wrong on board.

It also has everyday words and phrases so you can chat up the locals when things are going well, too."

"Sail Miami" logo

Sail Miami -

"Ah, its another lovely day cruising in the Caribbean, the sun shining, the birds chirping, the fish biting. The engine clunking? After investigating below you determine that repairs will be needed and head for the closest port, somewhere along the coast of Venezuela.

Not a worry has crossed your mind, because in addition to all the provisions, spare parts, and emergency equipment you stowed away on board, right before leaving you picked up a handy little book called SPANISH FOR CRUISERS: Boat Repair and Maintenance Phrase Book, by Kathy Parsons. Recommended by many cruisers and Parsons' ex- Spanish students, you are sure that it will get you through those hairy moments when your five word Spanish vocabulary hits a wall.

... Take it from a native Spanish speaker who, despite having lived many years abroad in a Spanish speaking country, doesn't have the vocabulary necessary to carry on a conversation about gaskets or hose clamps!"

"Santana Magazine"  logo

Santana Magazine

"What we like best about this SPANISH FOR CRUISERS is the layout of the pages. For each section the English word or phrase is on the left followed by the Spanish word and on the right the Spanish pronunciation. Also, whenever a word is used in only one country, for example Mexico, the word used in other Spanish-speaking countries is also listed.

The book is worth every penny if you need to make repairs in a Spanish-speaking country."

"Seven Seas Cruising Association Bulletin" cover - March 2000

Seven Seas Cruising Association Bulletin

"The concept is great: a ring-bound book with all the Spanish a cruiser might need from basic conversation, to shopping, getting parts and troubleshooting, to paint and varnish, brilliantly laid out with illustrations (in case your accent is sooo bad, you can just point).

To make it even better, the book is written with humor by a cruiser who really knows the lifestyle."

"Southwinds Magazine" logo

Southwinds Magazine

"SPANISH FOR CRUISERS ...the perfect book for sailors headed to Cuba (or any other Spanish-speaking country).

...There are the expected sections of shopping and basic conversation, but the value of the book is in the vocabulary covering boat stuff hardware, maintenance, engines, refrigeration, etc. With diagrams to aid the flow of information, this book could prove to be more valuable than tide tables or light lists."

"SpinSheet" cover - October 2004

SpinSheet - Chesapeake Bay Sailing

"If you are doing even a bit of sailing in waters where Spanish or French is the language of choice, you must own these smart, practical, clear guidebooks."


"The Boca" logo

The Boca (Trinidad and Tobago)

"Now there is help for you in the form of a new book called SPANISH FOR CRUISERS by Kathy Parsons, especially written just for boat owners who want to visit Spanish islands and any Spanish-speaking country. It's a great reference book for your boat and sure to help you in many situations. "

"Yachting Monthly" logo

Yachting Monthly

"Whether you're cruising Spain, Cuba, Costa Rica, Mexico, or other Spanish-speaking countries, this is a user-friendly book with words for things you won't find in ordinary phrase books - like engine parts, electronics, broken refrigerators and sailing emergencies.

It's written as a 'boat repairs and maintenance phrase book'. Spiral-bound and with an excellent index and easy to follow layout, it even has a section called, promisingly, 'How to jump-start your Spanish'."

"Wooden Boat" logo

Wooden Boat

"Spanish 101 won't be helping you when you put into Punta Arenas looking for a cotter pin ... this book will ..."



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