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Book Description  
SPANISH FOR CRUISERS: your essential companion throughout your stay in the Spanish-speaking countries of the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe

Expanded 2d edition

SPANISH FOR CRUISERS 2nd edition - Front Cover

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English-speaking boaters and professional crew travelling to Spanish-speaking countries:

— who don't know any Spanish,
— who are fluent in Spanish but lack a knowledge of boating and mechanical-related vocabulary.

Marine businesses that sell to Spanish-speaking customers.

Spanish-speaking boaters and marine professionals who want to communicate with English-speaking cruisers.



Jimmy Cornell, author of the best-selling books "World Cruising Handbook" and "World Cruising Routes"

“The new edition of this extremely useful guide has a host of new features that will make life even easier for sailors visiting Spanish speaking countries. ”

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SPANISH FOR CRUISERS is a unique yachtsman’s phrasebook, nautical dictionary, and conversation guide all in one.

Practical and easy to use, this expanded second edition (10 new topics) is divided into 28 topics specifically geared to the boaters’ life and the charter yacht crew needs.


Vocabulary you can't find anywhere else: The practical and specialized Spanish phrases you need to communicate with:

  • port captains, officials,
  • marina and boatyard staff,
  • mechanics, technicians, dayworkers
  • fishermen and divers.


  • food provisioning, shopping,
  • dining,
  • medical care,
  • banking,
  • laundry,
  • phone, internet,
  • getting around.

and contains a basic conversation primer that can be used in any situation.

You learn the vocabulary that is actually used in the countries you cruise: SPANISH FOR CRUISERS has been extensively reviewed for accuracy by Spanish-speaking boaters, mechanics, agents, and marine workers from Spain to Latin America

Easy to use: Flip open the book and start talking!

  • English, Spanish and pronunciation for every word and phrase: you can speak confidently and be understood.
  • Over 300 diagrams and illustrations: simply point to what you need (A picture is worth a thousand words.)
  • Detailed index in English and Spanish: finding a word or phrase is easy and fast.
  • One subject per page: you don't lose your place shuffling pages.
  • "Quick Reference Guide" on the flap, and "Navigator" inside the back cover: navigate the book quickly to the appropriate page
  • Compact size, spiral binding, and wrap-around cover: the book is durable and convenient to carry and bookmark. It stays open and accessible until the conversation is complete.

Strategies and tips help you get your message across and understand the reply in the typical situations cruisers face in foreign ports and waters.



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