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PROVISIONING - Mexican and Venezuelan Food Shopping Lists

    Here are some English-Spanish lists to help you with your grocery shopping in Mexico and Venezuela.
Shopping Lists Downloads
The Grocery Shopping Adventure
One Important Shopping Rule!

Shopping Lists Downloads

Mexico flag Mexican Food Shopping List
(4 pages)
Venezuela flag Venezuelan Food Shopping List
(2 pages)

Click to view first page of Mexico Shopping List

(PDF file - 246 K)


Click to view first page of Venezuela Shopping List


(PDF file - 386 K)


Food is one area where there are significant differences in the words used in different countries.

So download the Shopping List for the cruising area you need (Mexico or Venezuela).

As in SPANISH FOR CRUISERS, each word in these Shopping Lists is accompanied by its pronunciation.



The Grocery Shopping Adventure




Once you begin cruising, tasks that are mundane back home often become ADVENTURES. Grocery shopping is a perfect example.

Although some of your grocery shopping may involve walking down a supermarket aisle, even this is more challenging when all the labels are in Spanish.

More often, though, shopping involves roaming through the open air produce markets buying very fresh fruits and vegetables.

In Mexico, you will probably stand in line at the corner tortilla factory and buy your tortillas by the kilo.



In Venezuela , we often buy our meat from a full-service butcher shop where we sit at the counter sipping espresso while the butcher prepares our purchase.




Oh and one important Cruiser Shopping Rule:

If you see something in a grocery store and you want it, buy it now!

Don't assume it will be there the next time you go to the store. You may never see it again.

NO HAY azúcar!

THERE IS NO sugar!

In Venezuela particularly, at times we would go to the supermarket and there were NO paper towels to be bought or absolutely NO SUGAR on the shelves.

In Puerto La Cruz, the owner of a restaurant actually borrowed sugar from a cruiser to tide her over until sugar once again appeared on the supermarket shelves.

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